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The Wine Making Experience

Experience the art and science of making your own wine

  • Access to some of the finest grapes from premier winemaking regions around the world. (Napa, Sonoma, Italy, Chile, Argentina)
  • 5 wine making sessions over a 10 month period assisted by our experienced & award winning winemakers
  • Use of state of the art winery grade equipment & winemaking techniques
  • Varietal specific barrels
  • Bottles, corks, and decorative caps in a variety of colors
  • Design your own Custom Wine label *


Session #1 Selecting your Wine / Winery Experience
Sign up for one of our Winery Experience Open Houses, and our Winemakers will assist you in making your selection

Session #2 Crushing/De-stemming
Chile Wines (June) / California Wine (October)
Your fresh ultra-premium wine grapes usually arrive between the 3rd week of September to the end of October (for the California & Italian grape season) or late April/early May (for the Chilean grape season) and are crushed and destemmed as a group using professional crusher/destemmer equipment just like the ones used at the giant wineries throughout the world. The “must” (crushed grapes) is pumped into a fermentor and inoculated with a specific yeast strains for the commencement of primary fermentation.

Session #3 Pressing
Chile Wines (June) / California Wine (October)
Approximately a week after the “crush” you will return to the winery to Press your Red grapes*. The barrel group will begin by transferring the “must” into one of our easy to use hydraulic presses where you will “press the juice” which is now un-aged wine, into a barrel. The transformation of grapes into wine continues as the aging and settling process now begins.

Session #4- Racking
Chile Wines (September) / California Wine (March)
After about 5 months, you will return to see the Racking Process. Racking is when the wine is pumped out of the barrel and into another container so the barrel can be cleaned. The “Lees”(or Sediment) is washed from the barrel and the Barrel is sanitized with Ultra Violet light and the wine is then reintroduced into the fresh barrel where the final aging process continues. Racking is typically done for California and Italian wines in February and March whereas Chilean wines are racked in July and August, depending on various conditions.

Session #5- Bottling
Chile Wines (March) / California Wine (July – September)
After another 5 months, you have finally reached the last step! It’s time to put your wine into bottles and adhere your own label. Now you can “kick back” and enjoy the fruits of your labor. There is a feeling of pride that comes from making your own “Private-Label wine”. A wine that you can open with friends or family and be sure that everyone will enjoy!

* There is no pressing for White Wines

There are 2 wine making sessions each year

Chilean Wines

Made in late May and June

Orders for Chilean wine are taken from February to April

California Wines

Made in late September to 1st week of November

Orders for California wines are taken from July to October