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White, Or Red. Why Do Some People Love One Or The Other?

It’s happy hour. You ignore the list of cocktails, turn your nose up at the dozens of beers on tap, and instead your hand immediately searches for the wine list. Do you choose red? Or do you choose white? Sure, you might like them both, but most people tend to prefer one over the other. Why is that? What does your wine preference say about you?

The Difference

As it turns out, it might all come down to personality in lifestyle. At least, it seems to be that we can box white wine drinkers into certain stereotypes and red wine drinkers fit in others. Obviously, there is a taste preference at play as well, but we found the typical personality differences of wine drinkers incredibly interesting.

  • Typically, a red wine drinker is someone who is outspoken, as well as confident.
  • Whereas, white wine drinkers are a bit more shy in strange situations.
  • While red wine drinkers are often in committed relationships (or looking to be), white wine drinkers are usually single or dating around.
  • Red wine drinkers love to chat and white wine drinkers prefer to listen.
  • Red wine drinkers prefer small groups and white wine drinkers are drawn to large crowds.
  • White wine drinkers prefer gadgets, red wine drinkers appreciate the old school way of life.
  • An interesting tidbit, experts have found that red wine drinkers are more likely to hold a degree. Whereas, white wine drinkers are students of the world at large.
  • Red wine drinkers prefer reading and cats. White wine drinkers love dogs and going to the movie theater.

Which One Are You?

Those are stereotypes, sure, but experts have done a lot of research into the differences between white and red wine drinkers. When they looked into wine lovers’ social habits they discovered that wine color preference and lifestyle could be generalized. Your favorite wine really does say something about you.

Certain personality types are drawn to particular wine styles. One study involved 2,000 wine drinkers. It took their personality traits, career prospects, and annual salary into account. Red wine drinkers have higher levels of education as well as higher salaries. With more than half of them still looking to climb higher on the career ladder. Less than half of the white wine drinkers were college graduates. Though the majority admitted they were not anywhere near the limit of their career, most of them weren’t interested in climbing higher.

The Truth

Red wine drinkers often consume more wine weekly than the white wine drinker. When asked to describe themselves? White wine drinkers use words like quiet, practical, and reserved. Red wine drinkers describe themselves as intelligent, confident, and relaxed.

Is our personality leading our wine preference or has each wine been stereotyped in such a way that it draws certain types of people and personalities? What type of wine do you prefer? Do these stereotypes describe you or do researchers need to go back to the drawing board?

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