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When Is The Best Season For Good Wine In New Jersey?

New Jersey sure is making its star on the map of award-winning winemakers. It’s an exciting time for the wine industry in New Jersey, with the quantity farm wineries steadily increasing, utilizing the grape varieties that work well in the area, as well as creating new varieties. Many NJ wines are gaining international recognition, with prizes across a broad range of prestigious global wine competitions. Did you know there are over 50 licensed vineyards in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, wine is becoming somewhat of an experience never seen here before. The community of winemakers continually evolves and grows, and people love everything about it. Wine tours are a common part of NJ tourism in 2019, and there is no doubt why. New Jersey is creating its best wines ever, and everyone wants a piece of that.

New Jersey Wine Industry Facts

One of the reasons the New Jersey wine industry is growing so fast is the fantastic conditions that we have in the State. The ability to produce such a broad variety of grapes, and grow them well, is just the beginning. NJ currently has over 40 varieties of grape presently being produced, with new varieties continually being tried and tested. Riesling and Pinot Noir varieties are being grown exceptionally well in the North, and Barbera and Sangiovese, popular Italian varieties are being produced in the South. We have imported species, hybrid species, and native American vines, as well as Spanish varieties like Tempernio and Albernino. Not only do grape wines do spectacular here, but wineries are pushing the limits on locally grown fruit wines. Each year, New Jersey produces over two million gallons of wine, making it a multi-million-dollar business that continues to grow.

NJ has four viticultural micro-regions that are well-suited for growing grapes and with current winemakers utterly focused on creating exceptionally high-quality wine, these regions are going to be very well-known into the future.

New Jersey Winery Tours

Like anywhere else in the world where farmland surrounds cities, city folk love to explore the regions within a short driving distance. Within just a few hours drive from Atlantic City, you can be completely immersed by wine rich land, sipping on a Pinot Noir or a Chardonnay fresh from the farm. Many vineyards in New Jersey feature special events, weekend accommodation packages and an experience that allows you to honestly feel like you are experiencing New Jersey nature in its purest form.

Winery tours offer a unique way to experience more than one winery in a day. Picking you up, driving you safely to and from one winery to the next, you can enjoy your time with friends knowing you will get home safely, completely and utterly content.

What Time Of Year Is Best To Visit NJ Wineries?

Although most wineries allow visits most weeks of the year, some times are better than others to make your way and stay in the winery regions. Harvest Time is a great time to visit wineries, as it allows you to see the process of picking grapes, and many places offer a hands-on experience to learn the art of winemaking from vine to bottle. Harvest typically takes place at the beginning of Fall but depending on the grape variety, the weather history and some other factors this can happen at any given time.

The best times to visit are of course when wine festivals are happening. The harvest season finishes with massive celebrations at wineries, and a range of festivals occur through October and November in different regions. It pays to keep track of the different ones online, so you don’t miss them. New Jersey Wine Week is the big one to look out for and usually happens mid-November. It is a  state-wide celebration of winemaking and grape growing and delivers a range of festive activities and events across all regions. 

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