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Top 5 Wines For 2019

Every year, industry professionals come out with their thoughts on what spirits, wines, and beers will be popular for the following year. From sake to wild and wonderful beer flavors, the beverage industry is an ever-changing landscape. Of course, we prefer to keep our focus on wines, and this year, we expect a number of wines to be popular. Those wines are based on the trends from 2018, and what we expect to see throughout 2019 as well.

Oceania’s Contribution

  1. Australia’s wines have grown exponentially over the years and now, New Zealand wants to get in on its neighbor’s act. There isn’t one specific wine to point out, but their industry is growing faster than Spanish and French wines. Spain has been the largest exporter of wine for a number of years so, that growth is amazing. Look out for New Zealand’s Rieslings in particular.

Europe’s Reign

  1. The Rhone Valley in France is one of Europe’s major wine producing regions, and there’s a good reason for that. Their products are delicious and they are great value. As far as wine region goes, it’s impressive how many styles of wine and price-points that the Rhone Valley offers the industry. Northern Rhone is cooler which means the wine produced here is a bit different from those produced in the southern region. The main grapes used are Syrah and Grenache for red wines and Viognier for whites.
  2. We’re going to stick to France, though many other regions are producing wine similar to the one we want to speak on. It’s the Cabernet Franc. Ultimately, this dark black grape is used to blend Cab Sauvignon and Merlot. While Loire Valley is the most famous region producing this style of wine, you can find delicious examples from Canada, South Africa, Chile, and America’s own California.

The Foreign Influence

  1. Let’s head to Portugal now, as they aim to compete with their eastern neighbor. Portugal has the quality, it has the value, and it’s delicious. The best part is they have a bold offer of both reds and white. In a few years, everyone will be talking about Portuguese wines and you’ll be able to recommend your favorite one since you’ll have been all aboard long before it was a bandwagon. You may want to search the net for some delicious Portuguese recipes to pair with your new wines.
  2. Finally, we finish in South America’s Uruguay. Specifically, we’re talking about Tannat, which makes up 25% of Uruguay’s vineyards. This bold red is highly acidic, dark in color, and powerful. While other producers offer Tannat, Uruguay is considered the ultimate for the most delicious Tannats. In its early days, it was practically undrinkable, but Uruguay cracked it to produce the delicious blends we are enjoying now. It was only a matter of time before others followed suit. France also produces Tannat, as do California, Texas, Arizona, Maryland, Oregon, and Virginia. Usually, it’s combined with Pinot Noir and Merlot to produce unique blends of big reds with fruity flavors of blackberries and plums.

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