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Things You Might Learn In A Wine Making Class

All across America, there are wine making classes on offer. That’s good news for wine lovers! You don’t need to travel to find one nearby. While not everyone is lucky enough to have a winery in their backyard, you are. For others, they have to trek to restaurants, colleges, and wine stores to get their learning. You have a hands-on winery to enjoy. So, now you know you can find a wine making class close to you, what can you expect to learn? Let’s take a look!

All About Wine Making

  • Enjoyment

Part of the learning process is meeting new people, tasting delicious wine, and learning enough so that you don’t feel so intimated by wine lists. You might think this is the biggest reason people visit, but it’s just a small piece of the wine making barrel.

  • Context

What you will learn is context. You will learn the context of wine historically, sociologically, and geographically. For a small fee, you are going to enjoy so much more wine than that fee would buy. That’s in addition to learning about all the amazing wines we have to offer. You can ask questions of the instructor as well as speaking to other people who are interested in the subject. Do you know which countries are the top producers of wine? You will after attending a wine making class. In fact, did you know that Spain exports more wine than France? It’s the largest exporter of wine in the world!

  • Shedding the Baggage

Wine shouldn’t be limited. Everyone should be able to enjoy what they enjoy and have an understanding of why they are drawn to certain wines. There’s a lot of intimidation surrounding wines, particularly European ones. Wine enriches lives, it’s a social lubricant, and we shouldn’t get trapped under all the social baggage.

  • Pairing

You may have noticed the wine aisle in many supermarkets offers hints and tips on what wines pair well with which foods. Well, in wine making class you will also learn about what wines pair best with which foods, from pasta to seafood to meats and even desserts.

  • Etiquette

Many wine making classes will include tips on wine etiquette. Like, how much wine to pour in a glass, how to swirl, sniff, and taste.

  • The Details

You will learn all about the different grapes that are used to make different types of wines, and when those grapes are in season. As well as what type of barrels are used for different wines and the difference it has on the flavor profile, where alcohol comes from, and… there’s even the hands-on opportunity of stomping grapes.

Enjoy It

Once upon a time, people had to learn about wine all on their own. Now you have all the knowledge you need at your fingertips. However, there’s a lot of information on the internet and it’s difficult to know what’s accurate or relevant. The good news is you don’t need to wade through all that information – just book a wine making class with us instead.

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