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Reasons To Do Wine Tasting For Your Bachelorette Party

There’s nothing easy about planning your wedding. Every couple faces big decisions, from the colors and the venue to the cake and caterer. There’s so much pressure because if there is any day in your life that you want to be perfect, it’s this one. The good news is before you have to execute those plans, you get to enjoy a stress-free bachelorette party. Well, one would hope that it’s stress-free. There’s no better way to prepare for marriage than by getting away with your closest friends.

While some women are happy to head to Vegas for the tackiest of outings, other women want to enjoy a classy weekend of relaxation. There is only one place you can do that… wine tasting. That’s right – instead of downing tequila shots until you see double, you can enjoy a sophisticated day out.

Once upon a time, there was just one place in America where people considered as a wine tasting trip. Napa Valley is wine country and most people can’t see beyond it. Now? America has become a wine producing powerhouse with so many states on board. California has rivals. So, let’s just take a look at why you should consider wine tasting for your bachelorette party.

Wine Tasting

  • It’s Relaxing
  • What better way to unwind with friends than over an assortment of wine? Honestly, your bachelorette party should be the calm before the storm not the eye of it. So, choosing wine tasting is a great way to de-stress and simply embrace the moment.

  • It’s an Opportunity
  • You might just find your new favorite wine, which presents you with a major opportunity. You can find the perfect wine to sit on the tables at your reception, as well as simply enjoying it on the regular. It might just be your new Friday night libation. You can also introduce it to your future spouse and you never know, you may awaken a new hobby within them as well.

  • Your Budget
  • Believe it or not, wine tasting is an affordable option. You are already spending a fortune on the wedding of your dreams, an expensive bachelorette is daunting (for you and your friends). Wine tasting offers you a sophisticated outing without the heavy price tag.

  • It’s a Bonding Experience
  • There’s nothing better than enjoying a glass or two of wine with friends. It’s an excellent opportunity to catch up with them and talk about your hopes and dreams for the future and get excited about the upcoming nuptials.

  • It’s For Everyone
  • You don’t need to have an attuned palate to enjoy wine tasting. It’s an amazing learning experience for wine lovers of any level. Of course, you’re also supporting local businesses, which is an added benefit. Yes, there are going to be some amazing photo opportunities as you enjoy the day, but you should encourage your friends to keep their phones down and really get into the learning experience.

    Tasting Without Borders

    You don’t need to travel to Europe, California or South America to enjoy delicious wine. There are plenty of homegrown options just waiting for you to taste them.

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