Best Winery Characteristics

Many things make a wine great; from the body, flavors, smell, and taste. When it comes to wineries that create the best wines, what is it that makes the winery itself worth visiting? There are many reasons to visit a winery, from buying or tasting the wine to learning how to make your own. But […]

The History Of Wine Tasting

The history of wine tasting is as old as the making of the wine itself, (give or take a few weeks) which dates back at least 7000 years in some parts of the world. Winemaking has been practiced for millennia by the Ancient Chinese, Egyptians and Georgians. Although modern wine tasting is an art form, […]

The Art of Wine Tasting

When it comes to wines, there are many things that define a great one and a bad one. The process of creating wine has been around for centuries, with proof that the Ancient Chinese made wine dating back at least 9000 years ago. Most people know that wine gets better with age, however, the processes […]