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Is Wine Healthy?

Alcohol has many adverse side effects if consumed excessively and can create many negative health issues. In moderation, however, alcohol consumption can produce many excellent health benefits. Wine, in particular, offers many benefits and has been consumed for thousands of years. Known to be good for the heart, wine can also help you to lose weight, increase memory (naturally in moderation) prevent bone diseases, and boost your immunity. On top of these already established vino-benefits, there is more evidence becoming available every year to suggest wine also has these following benefits when consumed regularly.

Brain & Blood Benefits

Wine is proven to reduce the inflammation of blood vessels and prevent blood clots. Both of these blood issues are directly linked to heart disease and cognitive decline. Alcohol in wine unclogs your arteries by raising the high-density lipoproteins or HDL – which are ‘good’ cholesterols that live in your blood. HDL’s carry cholesterol from other parts of your body to your liver, and the more…the better! Blood clots in a vessel carrying blood to the brain cause around 80% of strokes, and because alcohol in the wine reduces the inflammation of blood vessels and prevent blood clots, it can lower your chance of stroke.

Body Mass Benefits

People who drink wine daily have a lower body mass than someone who either binge drinks or drinks less often. Regular moderate wine drinkers have less abdominal fat than people who drink other types of liquor. The alcohol in wine can often help your body to continue burning calories up to 90 minutes after consumption.

Immunity Benefits

Research has shown that drinking a glass of wine is a great way to fight off certain bacteria that cause ulcers, stomach cancer, and gastritis. Even half a glass of wine may be enough to fight off food poisoning germs like salmonella.

Ovarian Benefits

Australian researchers recently compared cancer-free women with women with ovarian cancer and found that one glass of wine a day reduced the risk of the disease by up to 50%. Hawaiian research also suggests the same. The researchers believe the reason for this is that the specific antioxidants in wine, known as phytoestrogens, are high in anti-cancer properties. Other tests around the world have also found that some compounds made from red wine can kill test tube cancers.

Bone Benefits

Because the wine’s alcohol boosts estrogen levels, women who drink wine regularly have a higher immunity against destructive bone hormones.

Diabetic Benefits

If you are a premenopausal woman, you are 40% less likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes if you drink one or two glasses of wine a day. This result came as part of a ten-year study conducted by Harvard Medical School. Although the reasons are not defined or clear, the wine was found to reduce the resistance of insulin in diabetics.

Sleep Benefits

A glass of wine at night can help you sleep better and live longer. Research shows that wine helps you relax and will also help to relieve stress, which is vital for a healthy body and mind.

So, with this information you can now sit back and relax in your favorite chair with a glass of wine, knowing it will make you healthier. Just remember to stick to one glass per day, and the benefits will be lifelong.

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