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Q: I would really love to make my own Premium Private-Label wine, but do I have the time to commit to what sounds like a pretty complicated process?
A: It really doesn’t require that much time. The Winemaking “Semester” runs approximately 10 months and is broken down into 4 simple, fun-filled “classes” that are about 1-2 hours each.
Q: What do I wear when making my wine?
A: Wine making can be messy business, so please don’t come in your Sundays’ best.
Q: Can I bring food?
A: Absolutely. Bring plenty of food to enjoy for before and after your wine making process.
Q: A barrel contains about 20 cases of wine, what if I don’t want that much wine?
A: Small groups and families can share the fun of Winemaking by making just one barrel together (or as many as they want) and then splitting up the wine. We also offer Winemaking shares in as little as 1/8 of a barrel (30 bottles)
Q: When is Wine Making Season?
A: Our Fall season (California): Harvest time is usually in September with Winemaking October and November. In the Spring season (South America): Harvest is usually in April with Winemaking in May and June

Q: Isn’t it illegal to make this much wine?
A: No, the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) allows you to manufacture 200 gallons of wine each year for personal consumption. ABC License is only $15
Q: What effect does Barrel Aging have on the overall quality of a wine?
A: Aging in wood barrels makes the flavors of the wine more interesting and softens the texture. When we use an oak barrel, some of the flavor soaks into the wine and gives it an oaky aroma. Different types of barrels will give off different aromas to the wine.

The major differences are the origin and type of oak, and the barrel maker (or Cooperage) who made the barrel. At Grape Beginnings we buy barrels from several “Top-Quality” Cooperages.

Bottom Line! Barrel Aging creates more complex flavors and helps the aromas harmonize with each other. The wood of the barrel is slightly porous allowing the flavor compounds in the wine to change and combine with each other because of a slow oxygen exchange as the wine ages.

At Grape Beginnings , a variety of barrels are available to you depending on the style of Private-Label Wine you wish to produce.

Q: Can Varietal-Specific Barrels Make a Difference?
A: At Grape Beginnings, we believe it does!! Today’s coopers have embraced new technologies to produce the most specialized and refined barrels the wine industry has ever seen.
Q: Are there any sulfites used in your winemaking process?
A: Sulfites are added in only the minimal amount necessary.