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Wine and business go very well together. In fact, so well that we believe extra effort should be made to bring the two together much more often. Grape Wine Beginnings has a created many entertaining and exciting ways to make this happen! Let us share a few of these ideas with you, but keep in mind the possibilities are endless and we love working with small business owners to make their clients happy and their sales increase.

Here are some grape… oops, we mean great…
ideas to put smiles on your clients faces…

1) Client Appreciation Wine Making Party
Show your clients a great time and invite them to make wine here at our location. It is an incredibly fun way to get to know your customers better and they can even take home a bottle of wine with your label on it when finished as we always have completed barrels of wine available from previous wine making. Your clients also get the benefit of networking with other clients as well as increasing their bond with you. Cheese and crackers are always served, but catering services upon request are available. The wine that you make is then put into a barrel and can be used for gifts at a later date.
2) Team Building Corporate Wine Making
Get away from the office or normal business routine and bring your employees to our winery to become closer and bond together. Team building activities have been proven to be super important regardless of the industry and personal bonding within an organization will give your business a competitive edge. Wine making is an excellent team bonding activity and it is super fun. Team building facilitates better communication, promotes creativity, and develops problem solving skills across all skill levels. When complete, a barrel of delicious wine with your company name on it is completed and the reward is just a few months away when the bottles have your label on it also!
3) Wine Making for Corporate Gifts
Wine making is always an option, but for those that dont have time, we can always accomodate you and make the wine ourselves and bottle a barrel of New Jerseys finest wines made from grapes all over the world (your choice). We can then bottle it and have your own private label made for your customers to enjoy. Nothing says you care, than a delicious bottle of wine and for the cost per bottle, there may not be a more efficient way of saying it either. Multiple options available and we are here to customize for you whatever your wine pallet desires.
4) Wine Tour, Cheese, and tasting for your team
Not interested in making wine or simply need something less time consuming or involved? Maybe you want to smell the grapes before you crush them? No problem! Grape Beginnings can schedule a wine tour for you and your employees and come enjoy some great wine, cheese, and crackers while learning about the wine making process and answer any questions you may have. These tours are usually less than an hour and usually very enlightening for all who are involved. Lets plan a special day for you right here in our winery. The smiles on your employees faces will make you want to come back again and again.

Have an idea or special request? Let us know. Any way we can help your business grow, employees happy, or increase your customer loyalty.. we are all ears!

All you have to do is take a tour or call us to get started!