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Grape Beginnings

Learn the art and science of fine wine making with us

Grape Beginnings was started out of a passion of the enjoyment of quality wines, but not wanting to pay the high prices associated with them. It is our mission at Grape Beginnings to help you make a quality wine, at a reasonable price, one the you would be proud to put your very own private label on, and call your own.

We have succeed in our mission over and over again, having receiving numerous awards and accolades for our winemaking as well as been frequently featured in winemaker magazine for our award-winning wines.

Our new 6,000 square foot hands-on winery is conveniently located in Eatontown, New Jersey (off GSP 105, Route 18, and Routes 35 & 36.) It is setup to provide the aspiring winemaker and wine lover alike, expert guidance on winemaking, while creating a fun and enjoyable experience. Since its’ inception, Grape Beginnings has become the embodiment of its’ vision – a place where people can gather to learn about winemaking and produce their own private label quality wines at reasonable prices.

Our award winning winemakers will guide you through the process of making great wine with fruit sourced from some of the best regions in the world. (California, (Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley) Chile, Tuscany, Argentina, etc) Wine is aged in real oak barrels (not glass containers) where it can age properly to create a quality wine.

Grape Beginnings is not just a Hand-on Winery. Did we forget to mention, that Grape Beginnings is also an ideal location to host your special event, or corporate get together.