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5 Benefits Of Having A Private Function At A Winery

If you are looking to throw an event soon there are many venues that you might consider. From restaurants and bars to halls and other specific venues, there are so many choices it can become quite difficult to decide. One of the best options that you may not have thought of for a venue is of course a winery or vineyard. Why a winery or vineyard? There are many reasons to answer this question of course, but the real answer should be “Why not?”

Depending on the type of function or event you wish to put on, there are many options that a winery can offer that other venues simply do not. Here are just some of the reasons you should have your next private function at a winery.

Wineries Are Beautiful

It goes without saying that most wineries are beautiful, and elegant. Having a wedding, engagement party or birthday party at a winery will have all your friends envious, while they enjoy the spectacular scenery. For weddings especially, wineries offer a certain romantic setting that not many other venues can give. A winery function goes hand in hand with the beautiful scenery of the rolling hills, grape vines, and gorgeous gardens.

Relaxed Atmosphere

When you are having a wedding or wanting to have a function without a stressful or overly stimulating space that city venues often have, a winery is an excellent option. For a bride and groom, a relaxed atmosphere is essential on a very stressful day. Wineries offer just that, and when combined with the gorgeous surrounds, it will be a very memorable event for anyone who attends.

Photo Opportunities

No matter the type of function you are planning, wineries offer some of the best Instagram friendly locations you can imagine. From vineyard photos, to rustic barns and shed, and elegant internal winery function rooms, there are so many spectacular opportunities for amazing photos with friends and family.

Weather Backup Plans

Most wineries will have a wet-weather backup location available in case the weather decides it will play against you on your function day. Most wineries will offer both indoor and outdoor options for food and ceremonies, so you won’t need to stress about the rain ruining your day.

One Single Location

Once again for a wedding, if you can have all the people in the one place without having to changed venues half way through, it lowers stress levels immensely for everyone attending. Being able to have a wedding ceremony and reception at the same place will make everyone comfortable.

One of the greatest benefits about events or functions at wineries is that the drinks packages are usually amazing. Imagine being able to drink wine that was grown and created on the very ground you stand on. There is something very romantic and exciting about this concept that draws people from everywhere to wineries across the world. Many wineries also have award winning chefs that prepare the best locally grown produce available. When you combine locally grown and produced produce and wine grown and processed on the premises, it makes for a truly unique opportunity.

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